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The mission of the East Hants Curling Associations (EHCA) is to provide the community of East Hants with an opportunity to participate locally in the sport of curling. To this end, EHCA aims to provide equipment and facilities, either temporary or permanent, that would allow such activity to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

EHCA Progress Update

Updated April 15, 2019

What a year it has been. For the first time in East Hants an entire season of curling has concluded with nothing but complements from the nearly 70 participants. Of course things did not go perfectly, after all, it was the first year. There were times when the ice was a bit "wonky" but overall it was very good. When you consider what is involved in flipping hockey ice over to curling ice every Wednesday night for the last five months, you have to admit that the Sportsplex ice-makers did a fantastic job.

In case you did not follow developments on this webpage for the past six months or so, there was a Thursday morning league at 09:30 using four sheets, and an evening league at 18:00 also using four sheets and an additional team with a bye. The afternoons were available for anyone to "practice" but most importantly part of that time was used to introduce about 30 kids over the season to the Sport of Curling, in cooperation with the Sportsplex and the Play4Kids program. Brushes, sliders, stabilizers, and even a few shoes were provided for the kids and all those adults who did not have their own.

As for next year, we definitely plan on doing it again. Most of this year's participants have indicated that they intend on returning and we certainly expect a few new ones. We have leaned some things and we have plans to make improvements where we can. Better promotion preceding the season is a must and your efforts in spreading the word would be most helpful. There will be some equipment enhancements and we also intend to provide the ice-makers with formal training.

All in all, we are very satisfied with our first season. Please help us make the next one even better.

The new EHCA panel on the Sportsplex sign

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