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The mission of the East Hants Curling Associations (EHCA) is to provide the community of East Hants with an opportunity to participate locally in the sport of curling. To this end, EHCA aims to provide equipment and facilities, either temporary or permanent, that would allow such activity to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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February 5, 2021

Well, East Hants Curlers, we are back and throwing stones, sometimes we make a shot and then other times, not quite. We all try hard and hopefully are having fun during the ups and downs of the game. Does this not sound like a Pandemic type of year and hopefully soon we will all get our shot in the arm. Here's hoping. What I personally miss the most is the fun of sitting around after the game and having team and group discussions about the shots missed, and the ones that came up short or just missed its mark. Well, that is why we play the game. Nova Scotia is doing well PANDEMIC wise and I hope we can get through the remainder of the year without any more suspended play.

The Board of Directors (BoD) would like you to know that the process to bring a Multi-purpose East Hants Curling Facility to East Hants is still being looked at by EH Municipal Council. The following is part of a letter received from the EH Municipality and is passed for your information.

QUOTE: Thank you for your correspondence and information package requesting a meeting with corridor Councillors to discuss new information and to provide clarification of your July 2020 presentation on behalf of the East Hants Curling Association. East Hants Council considered your request at their January 27, 2021 Regular Meeting of Council. They expressed concerns with current meeting limitations and gatherings limits as a result of Covid-19 Pandemic. As a result, they agreed to reconsider your request in six months. It will be brought forward at their July 2021 Regular Meeting of Council for decision. I will provide you with an update at that time. UNQUOTE

At some point in time before the end of the year, we will hopefully be able to meet as a group and discuss the issue of support for a new Multi-purpose East Hants Curling Facility. The correspondence is available for anyone to review. Just ask a BoD member (see Contact page) and it will be made available to you. I would encourage you to speak to any BoD member to pass along your thoughts and as my grandmother used to stay, "many hands make the work light".

As you can see in the column at the right, EHCA now participates with other curling facilities in Nova Scotia in a weekly on-line 50/50 draw. Please take a look and if you play the 50/50, 35% of the money will be provided to the EHCA. Please let the BoD know what you think of this fund raiser.

There are four curlers who for very solid reasons have not been able to finish the year and as such we are looking for four new curlers between now and end April: please put on your recruitment hat and get a friend or family, regardless of age, to join us for the remainder of the year.

HURRY HARD and thank you for all your support.

Harold MacNeil, President

The East Hants Curling Association is now a part of the Nova Scotia Curling Club Online 50/50 draw!

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