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The mission of the East Hants Curling Associations (EHCA) is to provide the community of East Hants with an opportunity to participate locally in the sport of curling. To this end, EHCA aims to provide equipment and facilities, either temporary or permanent, that would allow such activity to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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February 20, 2026

East Hants Curling Association Stone Throwers, AKA Curlers

Welcome back to the act of throwing 25 and 45 pound stones at each other, and this is possible, how? Brought to you by the East Hants Curling Association for a yearly fee and available each and every Thursday Morning, Afternoon and Evening from 1 October to 31 March. It is a good, fun time, meet new people, stay active, learn a new game, physically good for all ages, abilities and the great thing is no one gets hurt: ah, maybe their feelings when the winner has to purchase a tea, coffee, pop or water for the losing team and some timely jabs at the game table - a unique etiquette and part of curling. Game lore: invented in 16th Century (1530 - 1569) Scotland, and some say is the oldest team game in the world. Changes and rules were made over the many years and today the game is a sport in many countries and the Olympics. Do you have a dream: RBC Training Ground is looking for you as the commercial states? Personally I will stay with my day job - full retirement.

The smiles on the faces and the barbs built up from not seeing fellow EHCA members for a long time was evident on our first day back last Thursday. Everyone was ready to get in the hack and start to either smile or make a grin about the results of heaving that 45 pound granite stone down a slick sheet of ice: oh, to get to the button. Ah, you made the perfect shot and then the other team grins at you and says bye, bye to that stone and accomplishment. Such is the game of curling.

Hopefully, EHCA can get to the end of the year 31 March, crown a morning and evening league champion, and have the youth finish the year with a smile. EHCA and East Hants Youth Links hope they were given the opportunity to learn to curl and that a youth curling league will be available in September 2022.

The EHCA, East Hants Youth Links and community support for our fund raiser in selling and purchasing the 500 WESTJET TICKETS FLIGHT FOR TWO ANYWHERE WEST JET FLIES has been so, so, very smooth. Fund raising is part of any volunteer organizations and for those who have gone the extra mile: thank you, merci, gracias, vielen dank, tack, takk, 谢谢, grazie, diloch.


If anyone, and we mean anyone, who has any questions, a form of support, or want to join please contact anyone in the East Hants Curling Association or come on over to the EH Sportsplex on Thursday morning, afternoon or evening to talk to someone and we will help you join.

HURRY HARD and thank you for your support, friendship, smiles, and community spirit

Harold MacNeil, President



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